Top 10 Surest Football Betting Prediction App

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Top 10 Surest Football Betting Prediction App

surest prediction app

Sometimes you wonder why so many people are addicted to the game of football. Is it because of the rivalry? Or maybe the spectators or probably because it’s just fun and interesting or probably because of the electric atmosphere the game creates. You continue to wonder over and over. But here is the gist…

Apart from the fact that football is very interesting and entertaining, people earn money from it and you know whatever pays the bills is addictive. Is that strange to you? People earn millions of dollars by giving the right prediction to a match. it is also therapeutic, a lot of people seek comfort and relieve stress by watching the game of football.

Talking of people making money from the game of football, one of the ways people earn money from football is from match predictions. You can predict a team to win or lose, you can predict how many goals will be scored in a match, you can predict who is most likely going to score the goals, how the goals will be scored (through a penalty kick, free kick, header, etc), you can predict someone to be red or yellow-carded, you can predict the number of corners that will be played, the options are endless and once your predictions are right, you get your money.

Generally, life is all about risk, and football betting is one of the risks, also in life, we say the higher the risks, the higher the pay, this saying also applies to football betting. Usually, you bet with an amount of quantity and once your predictions are right you are sure to earn much more than the amount you used to stake.

To avoid bad predictions that may make you lose money, there are a lot of sure prediction betting apps that you can consult. Below are the top 10 surest football prediction apps you can consult for your betting predictions;

surest prediction app


This app is arguably the best football prediction app on the list. It has at its disposal, top analysts and forecasters that use a few past results, the opponent’s stats, the current form of the team, and team depth to analyze a particular match and give 90% accurate predictions.

Kolinbet deals with top football leagues and (EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Portuguese league, Netherlands league, etc) top tournaments(world cup, Olympics, champions league, Copa America, euro, English FA Cup, Copa del Ray, etc). This is because leagues like this have massive media coverage, there is no room for corruption and match-fixing, they are much easier to analyze than the leagues with no media coverage.

Also, as a premium customer on kolinbet, you get several already analyzed and processed games to choose from every day, this is to increase your chances of winning and also saving you both time and energy that you would be likely to spend while analyzing and processing your games.

Kolinbet makes betting easy for their customers, so you should try the app today.


This is another great football prediction app. Their analysts have about 7-8 years of experience in the football prediction technique, they make use of past results, the current form of both teams, the location of the match, and some other factors to predict what’s going to happen in a match.

With BetEnsured, your probability of losing a bet will be reduced to the tiniest margin. Their prediction preferences include Goal-goal, the possible number of goals in a match, win or draw, both teams to score, and so on. With BetEnsured, losing a bet will become a thing of the past.


This is another football betting prediction app that gives accurate predictions for matches. They give free betting predictions, match analyses, football trends, football statistics, and so on.

The predictions provided on Windrawwin include BTS (Both teams score), GG and win combo, the minimum and maximum number of goals, number of corners, number of cards, who is likely to score, and so on. The predictions and recommendations made on WindrawWin are to guide you to make logical stakes and bets.

They cover about 120 leagues around the world and about 25000 predictions in a football season.

Predict Z

One special feature about PredictZ is that it uses the statistical-based approach to give daily football tips to its customers. It gives you a total breakdown of each market such as win or draw, goal-goal, full-time draw, draw no bet, handicap.

PredictZ is a total package and it gives you almost everything you need that once you leave the site, you go straight to place your bet without too much worry.

Have you lost a couple of bets because of a lack of tips, then you should check PredictZ, you will thank me later.


Several betting prediction apps focus on many sports but Zulubet focuses on football alone, this gives it more advantageous to give better predictions and match analysis. They display their best tips in green to help the customers spot the tips immediately after they enter the site.

Another interesting thing about Zulubet is that it is a multilingual betting prediction app, which means you can always change to your preferred language.

They cover the top leagues and football tournaments in the world.


This is another outstanding betting prediction app in Nigeria. It has the feature of both free and paid betting. For the paid betting, you deposit about $50 to get accurate tips for a whole month.

Another feature that makes SoloPredict an outstanding prediction app is that, unlike every other prediction apps that focus on almost all the games, SoloPredict focuses on selected games, this makes their predictions and recommendations trustworthy and accurate.

They also have an app that you can use to follow the match as it’s been played. The app is very easy to use and it’s only available for Android.


This football prediction platform was created in 1999, which means they have more than enough experience to critically analyze and give accurate predictions and recommendations for bets. It is now called BetExplorer.

Looking for sure tips, the game of the day, result prediction, match statistics, and so on, Soccervista is the go-to app.

They focus on football only and they give legit daily prediction tips that you can take advantage of and win without worries.


This app has been helping their customers make the right decisions about their bettings for close to 15 years now. It is one of the most accurate football prediction platforms in Nigeria and the world at large.

They claim to be the most accurate football prediction app and based on their customer reviews, their claim is very true.

The app provides predictions through the use of artificial intelligence and technology learning to create an algorithm for a winning prediction. This makes their customers trust their recommendations a lot.


This football prediction platform is new and hot, if you haven’t heard of it, now is the right time to take advantage. It has a lot of cool features and it is very easy to use.

Once you register, you get live updates and prediction tips on hundreds of games around the world. Overlizer makes use of a sophisticated algorithm to predict which team will score next, which team will win, and with what margin.

The most interesting feature is the filter option; which means you can sort your games based on the current ball possession, pressure, number of shots on target, number of corners, live odds, etc.

The app offers pre-game over and under predictions and a lot of betting content that can guide you to make accurate betting decisions. You should focus on the “live” area as it gives you a crucial betting advantage.


This app is the real deal when it comes to football betting prediction. The offers they provide include a full list of leagues per country, Live Match Information, a List of favorite matches, competition, and teams, Game statistics, Match analysis, and so on.

On this app, bettors are provided with the league table, the latest matches played by the teams, the current form of the teams, the last results between the two teams, predicting odds, and so on.

The app is user-friendly with a great setup and interface. Android users can download it on the Google play store and iPhone users can get it on the app world.


Football is one of the most controversial sport in the world, which means betting is much more than just saying who will win because of their caliber of players or the team prestige. You will need proper analysis and the apps that made it to this list will help you do that.

Every app that made it to this list is one of the best prediction apps you can think of, with any of them, your chance of winning is very high and you are going to be glad you read this article to the end.


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